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Warsash Scientific is a leading supplier of scientific instruments and components serving Australian and New Zealand research, defence and industry. We specialise in Nanopositioning, Spectroscopy, Photonics, MEMS, Vibration Analysis, Thermal Monitoring and Thin Film technologies. We have built a network of suppliers, leaders in their fields, all providing unique technologies for a broad spectrum of applications. An awareness of current and future innovations and our knowledge of products and their potential applications, means we can source and tailor instrument solutions for your needs.

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L-731 XY stage

FROM Physik Instrumente

Posted: 4 August 2017

XY stage
The L-731 high performance XY stage from Physik Instrumente.

Physik Instrumente, a global leader in the design and manufacture of high precision motion control systems, has launched the L-731 XY stage. Designed for applications in industry and research the L-731 is a high precision large platform XY stage with non-contact optical encoders that measure the position of the motion platform so that nonlinearity, mechanical play or elastic deformation have no influence on position measuring.

With a travel range of 205 x 205mm, 2-phase stepper or DC motor options and a resolution and repeatability of 50nm and 0.1 m respectively, the L-731 is an industry leading motion control solution.

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Skyra multi-line laser

FROM Cobolt

Posted: 4 August 2017

Multi-line laser
The Skyra multi-line laser from Cobolt.

Cobolt AB, Swedish manufacturer of high performance lasers, introduces a revolutionary multi-line laser platform, SkyraTM. The SkyraTM can integrate up to four laser lines into a single laser unit.

Unlike laser combiners the SkyraTM is a highly compact (70 x 134 x 38mm), fully integrated multi-line laser that requires no external electronics. The range of laser lines that can be incorporated into the laser are; 405, 445, 473, 488, 515, 532, 553, 561, 633, 638, 647 and 660nm. The individual laser lines can be directly intensity modulated with output powers of up to 100mW each. The SkyraTM is perfectly suited for easy-to-use analytical instruments and application in the life sciences, such as microscopy and flow cytometry.

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High power sub-ns laser

FROM Photonics Industries

Posted: 4 August 2017

High power sub-ns laser
High power sub-ns laser in 1064, 532 or 355nm from Photonics Industries.

Photonics Industries, the pioneer of intracavity solid-state harmonic lasers, has introduced a new SN Series diode pumped solid state laser with high power and sub-nanosecond pulse widths.

The SN Series are designed in a compact, industrial grade all-in-one form factor that integrates the laser and electronics into a single unit with pulse widths from 150ps to 1ns, variable repetition rates from 1kHz to 20MHz and output powers of 70W (1064nm), 50W (532nm) and 25W (355nm). The ability to have the flexibility of sub-ns to 100ps pulse width selection in combination with the highest power commercially available laser uniquely positions the SN series as a solution for a large range of existing and emerging industrial and research applications in material processing.

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